$349 per week

$349 per week

Flat-Rate, per agent!

It’s happened to you before, you know the scenario well, finally you have the opportunity to call customer service – you are about to get your question answered or issue resolved… then you hear an all too familiar: “You have reached us outside of our normal business hours; please call back at a time that’s utterly inconvenient and doesn’t fit your schedule. Thank you.” I know your frustration, it can be maddening. As a company owner, you do not want this to happen to your customers or distributors, because an unhappy customer is a sale lost.

How do you remedy the problem? Having your own customer service team work 24 hours a day is probably not an option, and the cost of hiring second and third shift is not feasible anyway… at least not until now.

What about the extra cost of equipment, office space, internet connections, etc. What happens when your customer service people need time off or decide to change jobs. Your company is the one that suffers by losing sales and distributors. We can change all of those scenarios for you today.

One of the key components to your business success is SUPPORT. You must ensure that your customers and your distributors can speak to a LIVE support representative when they call in with questions. You must have enough staff on hand to provide answers to questions immediately… or you’ll lose sales and momentum! We all know it takes a lot of time and money and dedication to manage a customer support staff. Most entrepreneur’s (like you) are too busy!

We have the solution. But first, lets look at some of the basic costs for you to run your own in-house support team (we’ve keep them low). Here are the costs assuming just 1 CSR:

Salary $24,000
Paid time off $5,032
Workman’s Comp $600
FICA 7.65% $1,563
FUTA $1,653
State UI .04% $510
Health Coverage $2,400
Liability insurance $1,000
Computer, software, monitor, headset, etc $1,800
Broadband internet connection $725
Phone system (hosted solution) $1,200
Phone bill $2,400
Utilities electric, air conditioning, heating $3,000
Office rent, desk, chair class B Misc: coffee, cleaning, supplies etc $200
Total cost to you: $55,239

Source: Jolanders Employee Calculator

Our super solution…. a flat $349 per week, per agent.
With us you’ll save: $37,091 (per year, per employee!)

If you try to do it yourself You’ll also need to babysit your employees when you should be selling, and you’ll be dealing with HR issues, handling IT problems and you’ll be paying for their coffee and smoke breaks too.

Question: What value do you put on your own time? Are you wasting valuable time managing staff that keep you away from what you do best… recruiting and selling?

What happens: When your business really starts to grow and you need more support staff, office space, computers and internet bandwidth? Your costs will massively eat into your profits!

Fact: Our service desk will help you manage your overhead and provide your valued distributors professional support during your local business hours and beyond. Resulting in more profit for you and a professional corporate image for your company.

You’ll save $111,273 per year with just 3 CSR’s in the Philippines and save your sanity. But most of all, because you are free to do what you do best, your sales will skyrocket!


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