$349 per week.

Flat-Rate, per agent!

It’s happened to you before, you know the scenario well, finally you have the opportunity to call customer service – you are about to get your question answered or issue resolved… then you hear an all too familiar: “You have reached us outside of our normal business hours; please call back at a time that’s utterly inconvenient and doesn’t fit your schedule. Thank you.” [ More.. ]

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Our service is only $349 per week, nothing additional to pay.

You are going to need a minimum of 2 support agents no matter how small your business is, and it is going to cost you between $4,000 and $5,000 per month to manage them. What happens when your business starts to grow and you need more support staff, office space, computers and internet bandwidth?  These costs will eat into your [ More.. ]


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Why Outsource ?

Will outsourcing benefit you?
One of the key components to your business success is support before and after the sale. You must ensure that your customers and distributors can speak to a live person when they call. Enough quality support staff on hand to answer calls and provide the answers to questions is a MUST! It is expensive and time-consuming managing the resources needed to provide quality support. We are a better way to manage your support department. [ More.. ]

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